Google’s Ads API V8 Gains Smart Bidding Functionality

Google has announced version 8 of its advertising API and is notifying developers that in order to take advantage of some of the release's new features, updating client libraries and code is necessary. This update includes new cross-account bidding strategies, improvement to sales tracking, and new label management options.

Google’s new cross-account bidding strategies are described as “Smart Bidding portfolio bidding strategies created in manager accounts. They can be used by campaigns in any client account beneath the manager that owns the strategy.” Users also gain access to a new AccessibleBiddingStrategy Resource that provides a view of all bidding strategies accessible to a customer. 

This release helps to improve sales tracking by adding several new fields to the TransactionAttribute and UserAttribute resources. These new fields provide additional detail on items sold and customer purchased. Google also added a new ability to retrieve labels managed by the manager account by using the CustomerClient.applied_labels resource.

Make sure to check out the full release notes for more information.

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