Google Sheets and Slides Earn New APIs

Google hopes enterprise and education app writers will take advantage of new tools being added to its Google Docs platform. Specifically, Google Sheets and Google Slides gain new APIs that expand the toolset available to developers to create powerful features. Google also promised new enhancements to the Classroom API for school admins. 

The new Google Sheets API makes it possible to import features from Sheets to your third-party app. For example, cloud-based apps will be able to create new spreadsheets an then populate them with data, charts, tables, and formulas. All the results will port-in, as well. The Sheets API powers a fresh workflow so users can push app data into Sheets, where it can be shared with colleagues for collaboration, and then pulled back into your app. Documentation for the Sheets API, which includes an overview, in-depth data, and quick-start tools, is available here. The API is available immediately.

The Google Slides API follows suit, and lets developers push data from other apps into Slides so Slides users can create custom presentations. The Slides API isn't quite ready yet, but developers can sign up for more information here. The API should be available in a few months. 

The idea with both APIs is to end users circumvent stale data. "To make sure we can help keep all this data flowing seamlessly from app to app, users can now also embed linked charts from Sheets into Docs or Slides," explained Google. "The result? Once the underlying data in a spreadsheet changes, whether that change comes from an action taken in another app via the API or a collaborator, an updated chart in the corresponding presentation or document is just one click away."

Google is looking to improve educators' powers, too. It made changes to the Classroom API that gives developers access to Google Classroom's best features. For example, school reporting systems can sync classworld and grades and allow teachers to connect students to coursework. This means teachers shouldn't have to manually transfer grades. Google said it also added several new functions to its course and roster API endpoints. For example, developers can now access course Drive folders, groups, and materials for storing files and managing permissions. More functionality is on the horizon, according to Google. Google has documentation about the revised Classroom API here. Several apps already work with Classroom and early testers report good performance. 

"Whether you’re using Google Cloud Platform, integrating with our Machine Learning APIs or building on top of our Google Apps suite, we’re committed to delivering the tools and technologies that help businesses improve productivity, securely connect information across platforms and power new workflows," said Google SVP Diane Greene.

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