Google is Shutting Down the Cloud Prediction API

Google is shutting down the Cloud Prediction API on April 30, 2018. After this date, the API will no longer be accessible, and the company will no longer provide any type of support for the API. Google is recommending that developers migrate applications to its Cloud Machine Learning Engine, a managed service that can be used to build machine learning models. Developers can build and train machine learning models locally using the open source TensorFlow SDK and then use the Cloud Machine Learning Engine to train the models at scale.

Solomon Boulos, who works on Google Cloud, said in a Y Combinator thread that the Cloud Prediction API had not been maintained for quite some time and not many developers were using it. The company decided to hold off on initiating the deprecation process until there was a machine learning service generally available that developers could migrate applications to. The Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine became generally available in March of this year.

Developers who choose to move to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine will have to recreate their existing Prediction API models. Developers can learn more about the end-of-life of the Google Cloud Prediction API from the official FAQ page.

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