Google Sponsors OpenStack

Google announced last week that it is sponsoring the OpenStack Foundation, the organization that supports the OpenStack cloud operating system.

"Few enterprises can move their entire infrastructure to the public cloud. For most, hybrid deployments will be the norm and OpenStack is emerging as a standard for the on-premises component of these deployments," Google product manager Craig McLuckie explained in a blog post. "By joining forces with the OpenStack Foundation we hope to add Container-native patterns to the toolbelt of enterprise developers, and improve interoperability between public and private clouds."

In throwing its support behind OpenStack, Google will be integrating one of its open source projects, Kubernetes, with OpenStack projects like Murano. Kubernetes, which Google unveiled last year, is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles deployment, maintenance and Scaling of containerized applications across hosts, and it powers Google's Container Engine Beta.

Kubernetes promises to alleviate a number of DevOps pain points with Docker deployments, especially large-scale deployments involving significant numbers of machines, and is considered one of the most promising new technologies in this area. On Tuesday, Google will hold a launch event in Portland, Ore., for the 1.0 release of Kubernetes.

With Docker and containerized applications growing in popularity, Google's participation in the OpenStack ecosystem could be very beneficial to OpenStack users who are embracing container-based systems. As Mark Collier, the COO of the OpenStack Foundation, explained in a blog post:

I just spoke with a large enterprise user of OpenStack this week who described OpenStack as their “path to production” for containers. The value proposition for them is that OpenStack can provide a single control plane across all of their infrastructure, which will include VMware, KVM and containerized workloads. OpenStack gives them a solid Platform to explore new and compelling technologies as they emerge, and I know they’ll be even more confident in that path knowing that Google has joined our mission to make OpenStack the platform for containerized workloads.

Google joins a host of other prominent companies, including IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Rackspace and Yahoo, in supporting the OpenStack Foundation.

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