Google Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring Dashboards API Now Generally Available

Google has announced the general availability of its Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring dashboards API. The dashboards API is part of Google Cloud. It allows users to read the configuration for existing dashboards, create new dashboards, update existing dashboards and delete dashboards no longer used.

Reusability is a key feature Google expects developers to leverage. Once a dashboard is created for a given Workspace, that dashboard can be deployed in another Workspace through the API. A particularly helpful use case for this feature is during the move from QA testing to production. Retrieving an existing dashboard is achieved through a simple get method and deployed through a create method.

API methods follow the REST and GRPC semantics like other Google Cloud APIs. When creating a dashboard, developers must select widgets that go inside and a layout. Widgets currently available include XyChart, Scorecard and Text object. Layouts currently available include GridLayout, RowLayout or ColumnLayout.

To test out the API, use the Try this API section in the API docs. For more information, check out the Managing Dashboards docs. Join future development conversations on GitHub.

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