Google Streamlines its Maps APIs with Google Maps Platform

Google yesterday unveiled Google Maps Platform, which it is calling "the next generation" of its Google Maps business.

Google Maps Platform includes streamlined APIs. In its announcement, the search giant stated, "Our core APIs work together to provide the building blocks you need to create location-based apps and experiences. One of our goals is to evolve our core APIs to make them simpler, easier to use and scalable as you grow."

To that end, Google has consolidated 18 individual APIs into three core services, Maps, Routes and Places. To ensure that existing apps are not broken, Google has implemented these in such a way that existing code still works.

On the business side, Google is moving to a single pay-as-you-go pricing scheme for Google Maps Platform. Developers don't have to make up-front commitments, the first $200 of monthly usage will be free and there are no usage limits.

To help existing users understand what impact, if any, the company's changes will have on them, Google has published a guide for existing users.

Starting on June 11, all developers using the core Google Maps Platform services will need an API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account.

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