Google to Devs: Replace Maps Coordinate With Maps For Work

Google recently sent a letter to its Google Maps Coordinate users to inform them that the service will deprecate on Jan. 21, 2016. Google Maps Coordinate was launched in 2012 as a business-centric mapping service that workforces could use to monitor, coordinate and communicate with mobile workforces. The Maps Coordinate announcement comes as one of the many changes Google has recently relayed regarding its maps portfolio. Google maintains that its interest in providing geolocation services to businesses remains a focus; however, Google will point business partners to Maps APIs for such services.

The business-focused mapping services Google seems to be focused on moving forward fall under the Google Maps for Work portfolio. The portfolio includes a collection of APIs that allows users to overlay custom data on a personalized Google map. Hyperlinks to learn more on the Google Maps Coordinate site already redirect to Google Maps for Work. The deprecation of Google Maps Coordinate, Google Maps Engine and other fading Google mapping services will allow the company to consolidate its business-focused services into a more concise set of resources.

Maps Coordinate users will maintain continued access to the service until the deprecation date, regardless of the users' license expiration dates. This will allow partners more time to transition to a newer Google API service. If a user's license expires before the deprecation date, the current terms of service will continue to govern until the service is shut down for good. To learn more about Google Maps for Work, visit the home site.

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