Google to Retire the Works with Nest Developer Program

Google has announced that it will shutter the Works with Nest developer program effective August 31. To date, this program has allowed developers to integrate Nest smart home devices with their own products, applications and services.

Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion in 2014 and last year, the company announced that it was merging the Nest and Google Hardware teams. This week, Google announced that all of its Nest and Google Home devices will be brought under a single Google Nest brand and as part of that, the search giant says "we want to unify our efforts around third-party connected home devices under a single developer Platform."

That developer platform is dubbed Works with Google Assistant and will be focused on allowing connected devices to be controlled by the Google Assistant through voice as well as Google's Home, Assistant and Home View apps. Existing integrations built using Works with Nest will cease to Function after August 31.

Unfortunately for developers who built Works with Nest integrations, as part of Google's push to address growing privacy concerns that are plaguing big technology companies, the Works with Google Assistant developer program will only be open to a smaller number of partners Google selects.

With the Works with Nest developer program being retired and Google taking a more restrictive approach, Google VP Rishi Chandra told Variety that integrations created with IFTTT, a popular service used to create "if this then that" integrations, will no longer work beyond August.

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