Google Unveils Google My Business API v4.2

Google has announced the release of the Google My Business API version 4.2 containing new endpoints that will let third-party partners create end-to-end onboarding experiences for their merchants on their own platforms.

Google My Business offers merchants the ability to create business listings with the search giant, which can help them gain visibility in Google Search as well as in Google Maps. The Google My Business API gives partners the ability to allow merchants they work with to create and manage Google My Business listings without having to leave their platforms.

The new endpoints, GoogleLocation and Verification, will allow partners to determine whether their merchants' locations exist and are claimed on Google and to request and process verification for locations where available. According to Google, "This enables a seamless verification experience for merchants all within the native partner platform."

In addition to these two new endpoints, the version 4.2 release of the Google My Business API contains numerous improvements, including greater location accuracy, expanded location filters and support for chain store memberships.

Google is encouraging developers who would like to integrate their platforms with Google My Business to apply for access

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