Google Updates Ads API to Version 7

Google has announced the release of version 7 of the Google Ads APITrack this API and has updated client libraries, client code, and migration guides to reflect this update. The new libraries will be available for update in the first week of May and the company has outlined breaking changes that developers may face in the updated migration guides. 

These updates provide enhancements for developers just getting started on the Platform, including new asset availability for test accounts. Users can now leverage Structured snippet assets, callout assets, and site links assets in test accounts to avoid billing issues. Additionally, Google has added Apple SKAdNetwork reporting to the platform, allowing developers to receive conversion details on iOS via the network. 

Google has also added the ability to manage bidding strategy and campaign simulations, improved filtering and selection with new labels, and has updated some error messages to include additional detail that may be valuable in managing the issue. 

Developers should make sure to check out the full release notes and migration guide to check for breaking changes. 

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