Google Updates Calendar API Rate Limiting Schedule

Google has announced that it is updating the Google Calendar APITrack this API Rate Limiting and monitoring schedule in an effort to better manage usage fallout after passing imposed limits. Previously the rates were monitored daily, allowing for prolonged downtime if usage was poorly managed. 

The new structure will limit API usage based on a per-minute schedule that Google notes will provide specific benefits. The blog post notes that “requests will be rate-limited until the quota is available rather than falling all requests for the rest of the day. Additionally, this will help developers identify issues around quota enforcements faster.”

The increased time frame for solving quota issues is especially impactful for applications in their infancy that would be greatly impacted by even limited downtime. Google provided best practices for handling rate-limiting that include using push notifications instead of Polling, increasing page size to embrace the max parameter, and updating events as they change rather than wholesale updates. 

Developers can utilize an update guide provided by the company to get started managing quotas in relation to these changes.