Google Updates its Search Console Search Analytics API

Google has updated its Search Console Search Analytics API, which allows users to query their search traffic data, to support the retrieval of 25,000 rows of data per request, up from a previous limit of 5,000 rows per request.

In addition to increasing the number of rows that can be returned per request, Google has added 16 months of data to the API.

To help users take advantage of the Search Console Search Analytics API, Google has published a guide that describes how they can most efficiently use the API without exceeding their usage quotas, by running a daily query for one day's worth of data.

Currently, the API allows users to specify the kind of information wanted, including search type (web, image or video) and dimensions (page, query, country or device), as well as how results should be grouped. In the near future, Google says it will add support for filtered queries. 

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