Google Visualization API Now Features Timeline Charts and Donut Charts

Google has announced the release a new production version of the Google Visualization API which includes several brand new features including timeline charts, donut charts, map data refresh for geoChart, customizable tick values and labels, and other chart improvements.

Timeline Charts

Google Timeline Charts

Brand new Timeline Charts have been added to the Google Visualization API. A Timeline Chart visually demonstrates how a set of resources are used over time.

For example, a timeline chart can be used for project management to show which employees are performing assigned tasks and for how long. This type of chart is also a good choice for displaying conference meetings and class schedules. The chart can be modified to display the name of the class or meeting, the location, start and end time, and duration.

Google Timeline Charts feature a variety of configuration options including bar colors, fonts, background colors, and overlapping gridlines.

Donut Charts

Donut Chart

The Google Visualization API now includes Donut Charts which are basically pie charts that have a hole in the center. Pie charts are displayed in browsers using SVG or VML and tooltips are displayed when users hover over pie chart slices.

In order to create a doughnut chart, the "pieHole" option must be added to the pie chart code. Other pie chart options include 3D Pie Charts and pie charts with separate pie slices (exploded pie charts).

Chart Improvements

The August 2013 release of the Google Visualization API also includes several new features and improvements including:

  • Map Data Refresh for GeoChart - Google static map data has been regenerated so that geographic data has been improved.
  • Explicit Ticks - These are customizable tick values and labels.
  • Bounding Boxes - Allows extraction of information about where chart elements are drawn on the screen.


Visit the Google Developers site to view the complete release notes list as well as to read the Google charts Documentation.

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