Google vs. Microsoft Bing Search APIs: A Detailed Comparison

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Please note that Microsoft plans on announcing pricing for the new Bing Search APIs (Microsoft Cognitive Services) this summer. These APIs are replacements for the old Microsoft Bing Search APIs (v2) which will be deprecated in the near future.

To create a side-by-side comparison, online public information such as company websites, developer websites, API documentation, developer forums, Twitter and other sources, was reviewed.

The comparison charts were created using Google Charts, which is part of the Google Visualization API.


When it comes to feature-packed Web search APIs, there are really only two providers to choose from at this time: Google and Microsoft. Both companies are leaders in the search engine market and both companies use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to power their products and services.

The Web search APIs provided by Google and Microsoft include many of the same features. However, Microsoft recently released new and improved Bing Search APIs and the Microsoft Image Search API includes a number of advanced image search capabilities not available in Google CSE or Google Site Search.

Choosing which Web search platform and API(s) are best for your project depends on the Web search features required, goals for the project, and budget. The best way to choose between Google and Microsoft Bing search products and APIs is to check out the online demos and try out the APIs provided by both companies.

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Disclaimer: The information used to create the Web search APIs side-by-side comparison charts was obtained shortly before the time of publication. The data used, pricing and other product information provided in this article were accurate at the time of publication.

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