Google Wallet Releases Instant Buy API for iOS

Google has released a new Instant Buy API for iOS. The API enables mobile device users to purchase items with a single click, as opposed to entering account information with each purchase. The API is now available for iOS devices and is meant to cut down on the amount of typing consumers must exert in order to make purchases with their Google Wallet accounts.

Google Wallet Product Manager, Justin Wong, commented:

Typing shipping and billing information on mobile devices can be a difficult experience, which is one of the reasons why 97 percent of mobile shoppers abandon their shopping carts…. We introduced Google Wallet Instant Buy to make checkout on mobile sites and Android apps easier and help shoppers speed through the purchase process—often in as few as two clicks.

Google has made some significant enhancements to Wallet over the last couple of years. The Instant Buy API is the latest in Google’s arsenal to expand its ecommerce presence across the mobile and web markets. Many retailers have already adopted the new API including Wish, B&H, Eat24, Fancy, Newegg and Sionic Mobile.

The Instant Buy API for iOS adds to the already released web and Android versions. The RESTful API returns data in a JSON data format. For more information, visit the API tutorial.

Google continues to expand Wallet functionality and solidify its standing as Google’s flagship ecommerce offering. To adequately address the entire mobile market, API providers have no choice but to integrate with iOS. The iOS release of the Instant Buy API was a smart move for Google and those watching the API economy should keep an eye out for wider adoption.

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