Google, Yahoo, MySpace Form OpenSocial Foundation

In another big move for the OpenSocial inititive, Google, Yahoo and MySpace announced today the formation of OpenSocial Foundation. As reported earlier this month, Yahoo was expected to join OpenSocial, and indeed now it's official: "It’s no longer a trial balloon — it’s for real. We are taking this opportunity to help ensure websites and developers feel confident using OpenSocial as the building blocks for their new social apps." But clearly this news goes well beyond Yahoo's participation, it's another step in moving OpenSocial into the common fabric of the web.

Other details from the announcement:

  • All specifications are avilable under a Creative Commons license
  • The new official home for OpenSocial specificiations and developer community will be
  • The foundation will be an independent non-profit entity with a formal intellectual property and governance Framework
  • The OpenSocial Foundation Proposal outlines their goal "to ensure the sustainable and open development of the OpenSocial initiative and related intellectual property"
  • OpenSocial Foundation Intent Agreement is being shared publicly as well
  • Shindig will continue to be the open source reference implementation

Where's Facebook on this news? CNET's Caroline McCarthy reports on a statement from Facebook that "As the largest contributor to the memecached system, Facebook has long been a leader and supporter of open source initiatives but will not join the foundation. The company will continue to evaluate partnership opportunities that will benefit the 300,000 Facebook Platform developers while improving the Facebook User Experience."

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