Google's Apps Script for G Suite Adds API

Google today gave G Suite developers three new tools to put to use in their Apps Script projects. The updates include a new dashboard, a new API, and a new command line interface. Here's the skinny on Google's latest dev offerings.

Google says Apps Script boasts 5 million active scripts each week that are executed more than 1 billion times every day within its G Suite applications, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In order to improve the power and flexibility of G Suite, Google is pushing three changes to the Apps Script toolbelt.

First up is the new Apps Script dashboard. The dashboard is a single location from which developers can manage, debug, and monitor their apps. It provides a real-time view of projects (Monitored Projects, My Projects, All Projects, Shared with Me, Trash) with the ability to search through individual categories or all projects. Project details will be easier to spot. For example, the dashboard lets you view error rates, executions, and users to see what's what. Moreover, developers will be able to view a log of project executions and terminate them of warranted. Google says it is making the dashboard available in waves over the next few weeks. Documentation is available here.

The new Apps Script API, a new RESTful interface, is what powers and supports the Apps Script dashboard. The Apps Script API replaces and extends the Execution API, according to Google.

Specifically, the Apps Script API lets developers create, read, update, and delete script projects, sources, files, and versions. It handles project deployments and entry points, view project execution metrics, and run script functions. The API is divided into five major resources, each with its own purpose and requests. Documentation is available here.

Last, Apps Script gains a command line interface, which is powered by the Apps Script API. Google calls it clasp (Command Line Apps Script Projects). With it, developers can mange the functionality of the Apps Script API itself thanks to terminal commands. Google says clasps lets devs create, pull, and push Apps Script projects, as well as management deployments, with terminal commands and shell scripts. It supports a range of development tools, including IDE, Git and GitHub. This is an open-source project available through GitGub.

"We’re doubling down on powerful platforms like Apps Script," said Ted Bradley, Paul McReynolds, and Grant Timmerman from Google's G Suite developer Platform team. "We hope these new additions help ease your development process."


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