Google's JavaScript APIs Get a Playground

Google has announced the release of a new AJAX API Playground that is sure to make life much easier for developers working with Google's JavaScript APIs. The Playground is full of various types of JavaScript samples, including samples for the following APIs:

AJAX API Playground

The AJAX API Playground was developed as part of the "20% time project" by Google Engineer Ben Lisbakken. According to Ben:

The AJAX API Playground is currently loaded with over 170 samples for 8 Google JavaScript APIs (Maps, Search, Feeds, Calendar, Visualization, Language, Blogger, Libraries and Earth) that you can edit and run to help you explore what Google's APIs have to offer. There are also save and export features. The save feature allows you to hold onto an edited sample so you can continue working on it later, while export lets you modify a sample and publish the code to a permanent URL.

The code for the Playground, which is built on App Engine is open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 license, and Ben has set up a project wiki that includes information on how to add more samples. This is sure to prove a great tool for mashup developers working with the breadth of APIs offered by Google. Great job, Ben!

Check out Ajaxian, ReadWriteWeb, and Google Blogoscoped for some additional discussion on the Playground.

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