GoPro Launches API Platform for HERO9 Black Camera Integration

GoPro, a provider of video cameras that are most known for their use in capturing extreme sports, has released a new API Platform dedicated to supporting the company’s latest product release. The Open GoPro API Initiative is available today and can be leveraged in connection with GoPro HERO9 Black cameras. 

The new API will provide developers with access to a variety of functionality that includes Wireless Connectivity, Camera Command and Control, Camera Status, Camera Preview, and SD Card Media Review and Transfer. These features can only be accessed on the HERO9 Black cameras and will require a software update for compatibility. 

The software update, v1.6, provides improved capabilities for powering on/off devices, improved Quik app connectivity, improved touch screen sensitivity in menus and settings, and improved reliability when remote controlling the device. Users can download the update at GoPro's Quik app site

GoPro has provided developers access to a portal that includes Integration demos and Sample Code