Got Reputation? Protect It with provides a series of four APIs so that site owners can control exactly what gets put on their site--and block what could harm their reputation:

  • nsureVIRUS: multilayered virus protection to scan every upload and every posting to "stop the nasty in its tracks."
  • nsureLANGUAGE determines the language any text is written in.
  • nsurePORN stops profile pictures and "links to all sorts of content you don't want associated with your product or brand."
  • and nsurePROFANITY. has libraries for REST, Python, ObjectiveC. Ruby, PHP and Java.

The company claims "It's like ketchup for risk-stuff," including risks associated with compliance, regulations and reputation. "Our goal at is to stop stupid."

RESTful and responses are formatted in JSON.

On mashape, the company explained how its porn filter worked. "Our API looks at skin tones, shapes and other cues to identify images that are likely to be inappropriate, but nothing is ever going to be perfect. Just like virus scanning, spam filters and other things, some false positives and missed hits will occur." Explanations for how the other three APIs work can also be found there.

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