Government Data Contests Abound: SF, NYC and Australia

This year has certainly been the time for governments opening data. It's also ripe with public mashup contests, from big U.S. cities to large-scale propositions from down under. Here's an overview of some of the recently-launched government data contests.

NYC Big Apps

New York City is sharing data and now it is encouraging developers to use it:

"The NYC BigApps Competition will reward the developers of the most useful, inventive, appealing, effective, and commercially viable applications for delivering information from the City of New York's Data Mine to interested users."

NYC Big Apps

Submissions are open until December 8. Prizes range from $500 to $5,000, with a total of over $20,000 given away to top developers.

DataSF App Contest

The San Francisco mayor recently announced this app contest of a different sort. Rather than a submission due date, as with most contests, he's making an event of it. Interested developers will join together for a one day California Data Camp on November 7. At the end of the day judges will choose the best app, awarding the cash prize raised by the community (currently over $2,500).

SF Crimespotting

Looking for ideas? Check out the current app showcase, including Crimespotting (pictured above).

Mashup Australia and Apps 4 New South Wales

Australia has two contests itself. The first is nationwide using all sorts of data, including housing prices and health survey results. Additionally, it includes pictures and music from the National Library, making for plenty of mashup-ready content. (And if you are looking for API sources, we have some Australian APIs in our directory) .

The deadline is November 13 and prizes range from $1,000 to $10,000 AUD, though it's only open to Australian citizens or residents. As Mia has pointed out in the comments, a team needs an Australian representative, so "find a friendly Australian and enter."

The other competition, from the state of New South Wales, has considerably less information online, but appears to have significant dollars behind it, as well as having the weight of the state's premier behind it. Again, expect that it is only available to Australian residents.

Plenty of excitement around government data. Even if you aren't entering these contests, look forward to some great apps coming out in the near future.

These are 3 of 6 mashup programming contests on now. You can use our Mashup Contests page to keep track of the latest.

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