GovTribe Launches Government Contracting Market Data API Beta

Government data specialist GovTribe has released a beta version of its GovTribe API. The API grants users access to the procurement data that powers GovTribe’s popular iPhone app, iPad app and custom reports. The API allows seamless access to government data across 130 federal agencies.

“The biggest benefit of the GovTribe API is manicured contracting data, obtained from multiple sources, that's available in real time,” GovTribe CEO Nate Nash said in a press release. “We do the hard work of resolving things like vendors and contracting officers so that our customers can get the intel they need, when they need it."
In 2012, the GovTribe founders left decade-long careers at large consulting firms with the goal of exposing the potential of open government data. Since launch, GovTribe has worked to break down barriers to access government data and democratize users’ search for data regardless of tool.
The GovTribe API is RESTful and provides data on the federal government contracting market. The API covers eight types of entities (project, agency, office, person, vendor, category, protest and activity) and the relationships between the entities. Every entity is standardized, so there is no need to waste time with mapping tables. Those interested in the API can register for a key.
Open government data and transparency have certainly become hot topics for politicians, voters, businesses and citizens in general. GovTribe exposes the data sitting behind the bureaucratic walls of the government. The API that has driven its success thus far is now fully exposed for the most democratic use of federal data.

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