The GPSit TrackFusion API: Don't Just Track Where it is But How it is, and More

The XML-based open architecture,   SOAP-based GPSit API allows you to integrate its GPS tracking system to focus on four main tasks: real time logistics, transit condition monitoring in cold chain shipping as well as regular transit, surveillance,  and asset management. on the logistics front, using a battery-powered device with the GPSit Trackfusion Platform can identify precisely where a shipment is, allowing for notification to customers of early shipments, rerouting goods to avoid delays caused by problems along the route, oversee independent drivers among other advantages.

With Cold chain shipping, suppliers and customers need to know not only where a shipment is but whether it's being kept under conditions they contracted for. As GPSit says, there is more to it than a thermometer reading, but humidity as well,

"When you combine the ability to monitor location, temperature, humidity, vibration and light detection you have the ability to fully document regulatory compliance, reduce shipment risk and improve loss prevention. In the case of theft or shipment hijacking, the covertly enclosed GPS trackers can aide loss prevention professionals and law enforcement with a speedy recovery. Unlike truck or trailer tracking systems, GPS trackers embedded randomly in the shipment content makes it very difficult to thieves to detect and disable, even if loads are offloaded from the original trailer."

GPSit can provide much more than just location information through its API, as the company suggests on its blog,

"Advanced development is augmented with assistance from GPSit’s developer support team, enabling programmatic creation of Geofences and other sophisticated device control tasks previously only available from within TrackFusion. With Integration at this level, very sophisticated covert tracking, cargo monitoring and automated alerting and reporting can now be seamlessly integrated into your applications."

Preventing and addressing theft is a big target for GPSit. In a gripping video,  GPSit shows ATM theft to be a big problem--suggesting that its services can facilitate capturing stolen ATMs and perhaps deterring theft to begin with.

Industries like construction, apparel, financial services and pharmaceuticals are all in line to benefit from using the platform.

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