Reveals Open API for Fleet Manager

GPS tracking system has announced an open API that grants access to its Fleet Manager system. The API adds to the already available data pumps and data queues that also enable access to such data. The API release streamlines data retrieval one step further. Now, third-party apps and customers can easily move vehicle location data, performance data and engine diagnostics for service planning, diagnostics and other needs.


"Whether a customer wants to do data analysis, or a third-party is developing a new tool for use with Fleet Manager, the new open API provides them with a faster and more secure method of obtaining that data," product development manager Eddie Bermudez said in a news release.

Since 1999, has continued to build its reputation as a leader in web-based fleet management solutions. Since launch, the company has enjoyed 100% growth year over year. With a proven track record of improved route efficiency, increased driver productivity and asset protection, it is no wonder has enjoyed success. The open API release should only broaden its potential user base, as third-party developers can now use its massive data resources.

The RESTful API can return calls in either a JSON or XML data format. Those interested need to apply for a key to gain access. To gain a key, log in and reach out to the team.'s continued success is based on innovation and customer satisfaction. The new API continues to offer value to its existing customer base and serves as an attractive feature for developers looking to integrate with fleet management systems. Visit to learn more.

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