Gracenote Launches Developer Program and Opens API to Spark Music Industry Innovation

Gracenote "touches hundreds of millions of music fans and TV viewers everyday. The Gracenote database is the largest source of music and video metadata on the planet, featuring descriptions of more than 130 million tracks and TV listings for 28 countries." Recently, Gracenote launched a developer program that opened its Gracenote API to the developer community. The API delivers Gracenote's rich music metadata to any connected app. Gracenote President, Stephen White, commented on the release:

"There is no other open development Platform for music available today that has the depth and scale that Gracenote supports. We want to discover the next great music developers by giving them a chance to dive deep into this data and technology, play around with it, and see what they can create."

Gracenote powers some of the technology and applications recognized as household names in many communities (e.g. Ford Sync, Apple iTunes). From Ford and Toyota to Toshiba and Sony, Gracenote has helped enterprises incorporate music, video, and metadata solutions into third party applications. Gracenote sits behind many of the suggestion, identification, and recognition applications that consumers interact with on a daily basis.

The Gracenote Web API uses REST protocol and returns calls in an XML data format. Developers can perform text based lookups of artists, albums, and tracks and receive descriptive metadata (e.g. cover art, genre, regional origin, etc.). Those interested can register at the developer site.

Many argue that advancements in the music industry have stagnated as of late. Mark Mulligan, principal analyst and founder of Midia, argues: "There’s a crisis of innovation around music. There needs to be more innovation to drive further competition.” Music APIs like Gracenote should help spark innovation as Grancenote provides and maintains the massive database needed to deliver groundbreaking apps.

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