Gracious Eloise Announces Digital Handwriting API

Gracious Eloise, a personalization technology company, has announced an API,, that allows third-party applications to integrate the company's digital handwriting technology. allows partners and developers to incorporate digital handwriting into a variety of products and services (e.g., CRM platforms, e-commerce, e-stationary, greeting cards). The goal of is to bring a level of personalization to the connected world that continues to grow in communicating via impersonal methods such as texting and instant messaging.

"Digital communication has made human interaction far less personal and more static, as people have become accustomed to sending emails and text messages instead of personal handwritten notes to friends, family members and business partners," Eloise Bune, founder and CEO of Gracious Eloise, said in a press release. "Handwriting has always been the purest form of self-expression, and now, with, we are bringing the lost art of handwriting back to life by reimagining personalization in today's digital world."

Gracious Eloise describes its technology as "digital handwriting. ... Real handwriting without the pen — no robots, all software." The technology captures up to 25 glyphs per character. Based on letters surrounding a character, the software selects a glyph that mimics natural handwriting variations. operates somewhere between handwriting capture and typed font. Users still type on a keyboard to increase efficiency; however, the output mimics handwriting, unlike a rigid font.

"As more consumers interact on the Web, they seek a new way to share personalized exchanges that isn't time- or labor-intensive like traditional handwritten cards," Anu Duggal, founder of Female Founders Fund, said in the press release. "There is a market opportunity to provide a tool that will empower consumers to create their own personal brand on the Web through something that is strictly unique to them — handwriting. has been built with this in mind and will drive the path to a more personalized Web."

Gracious Eloise aims to build a personalization element into every layer of communication. The use cases for extend to both digital and physical form factors. For more information, visit the API docs or the quick-start guide.

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