GraphCMS Launches API-First Content Management System

GraphCMS, API-first content management system provider, has officially launched its flagship product. GraphCMS, the name of the company and its product, is a Headless content management system the utilizes GraphQL. GraphQL, a data Query Language developed by Facebook, is now an open-source Facebook project. With open access to GraphQL, companies like GraphCMS can build product offerings with the future in mind. GraphCMS has gone the content management route with GraphQL, and the company is going the API-first route in order to scale the product with the next generation of devices in mind.

"This is just the beginning and we are excited to bring significant improvements to the world of content management," GraphCMS CEO and co-founder, Michael Lukaszcyzyk, commented in a press release. "We want to enable developers and content editors to easily create the best digital experiences they can think of, without having to struggle with REST-APIs."

GraphCMS is built for both developers and content editors. Developers can build content APIs in short periods of time. Content editors maintain all the typical tools that have come to be expected in CMS platforms. The power lies in the connection between the CMS Platform and websites looking to consume such content. The APIs associated with the CMS platform easily integrate with third party websites, apps, or any other platform.

Getting started is a simple three steps process. First, a developer needs to define the desired content model (define structures, relations and permissions of an application's data using GraphCMS' content model editor). Second, manage content with the content editor (the content editor enables a simple data onboarding process that imports data from JSON or CSV files). Finally, connect web and mobile apps to the GraphQL Endpoint with Relay, Apollo, or other GraphQL client libraries.

Check out the docs to learn more. On its homesite, GraphCMS has published a playground for users to see a GraphQL query in GraphCMS. Further, the Getting Started guide will help new users onboard. GraphCMS has officially launched and the team is fielding questions on Product Hunt.

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