Graphcool Announces v2.0 of GraphQL Bindings

Graphcool recently announced GraphQL Binding 2.0. GraphQL bindings allow developers to easily interact with GraphQL APIs directly from a programming language instead of sending HTTP queries. Graphcool first wrote about GraphQL bindings in early 2018. Since then, the developer community has issued much feedback and use cases which has to the 2.0 version.

Graphcool describes GraphQL bindings as "an auto-generated SDK for a specific GraphQL API." The bindings are automatically generated, with a growing list of use case scenarios. Use cases include GraphQL-based service to service communication, GraphQL gateways, adding custom operations to a GraphQL API, sharing GraphQL API runnable instances, and more.

The major changes in 2.0 include API changes, automatic code generation, new tooling, a create your own GraphQL binding option, and seamless Integration with graphql-config. For more specifics, check out GraphQL bindings on GitHub.

To help developers get started, Graphcool describes a few use case scenarios in a recent blog post. Graphcool explained that readers should stay tuned for more information coming soon. Future posts will explore extending GraphQL bindings with customized functionality, code generation and type safety, schema transforms, and more. Check in with the Graphcool blog to learn more.

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