GraphEffect Launches Enhanced Collaboration Platform:

Last month, GraphEffect announced an API that allows multiple parties/companies to collaborate on projects using their own marketing/collaboration tools. Now, GraphEffect has launched another Platform,, that empowers applications to communicate with each other.'s developer site summarizes its functionality:

"The SHIFT platform enables co-workers to connect, communicate, and work together more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Applications integrated with SHIFT benefit from our robust feature set, while maintaining their own unique and authentic identities."

To test the platform, has partnered with six application providers (Kenshoo, Resumator, Hyfn, Gradient X, Lettuce, and GraphEffect). GraphEffect has seen rapid growth with its marketing platform and API, but CEO (James Borrow) believes could increase the company 10-fold by itself.

Developers who join the Shift community gain access to's entire user base. Additionally, the platform grants single sign on capabilities across all of the users' applications. Users can take their Shift identity wherever they go. Accordingly, changing jobs does not mean learning a new set of tools, or a new set of IDs.

Borrow argues thats Shift's use goes beyond marketing departments. He believes Shift solves a major business problem across organizations and may revolutionize the manner in which partners and applications interact with each other. Should the Shift platform take fire like the rest of GraphEffect's product set, expect Borrow's predictions to become reality.

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