GraphHopper's API Helps Get You From A to B

Whether for business or pleasure, finding the fastest and most convenient way of getting to where you want to go is a must. Nobody likes the frustration of getting lost, driving in circles or getting stuck in traffic jams, and for businesses, wasted time on the roads equals wasted money. So it's no surprise that we have come to rely on route planners as a part of our everyday lives. Thanks to GrapHopper's web API, fast and efficient routing functionality is available for use with navigation apps, outdoor planners and the like.

GraphHopper is a routing Library and server based on OpenStreetMap data. It offers memory-efficient algorithms in Java for routing on graphs, and also runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, Raspberry Pi and Android. Version 0.3 of GraphHopper, now available, offers a better UI and is also available in 19 languages. Another great addition is the ability to store two weights per edge, which means speed values can be different for two directions. Along with traffic data, this can make routing much more accurate and efficient.

The GraphHopper API includes features such as simple installation, OpenStreetMap Integration, business support, elevation data and scalable graphs. It's also extremely fast; can be used on mobile devices with less than 32 MB; and supports car, bicycle and pedestrian options by default. The API is also customizable, which means that there is a whole list of ways in which it can potentially be used.

Those interested in making use of the API can find the sources on GitHub and try it online. Credentials will be required, and these can be requested by sending an email to the folks at GraphHopper.

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