GraphQL APIs Now Configurable through Stackery

StackeryTrack this API, serverless development toolkit provider, recently announced that developers can now configure and provision AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs with Stackery. Developers can connect GraphQL resolvers to backend data sources like DynamoDB tables, Lambda functions, or HTTP proxies.

Configurable properties include:

  • Name
  • Authentication type
  • Field-level logging
  • Save schema in file
  • Save file location
  • GraphQL schema
  • Resolver attachment

Name is the human readable name for the Resource. The name is displayed in the Stackery Dashboard and CLI. Developers must specify the GraphQL authentication type (i.e. API Key, AWS IAM Signatures, AWS Cognito User Pools, or OpenID Connect).

Next, developers must specify which field resolver will emit logs. Options include all queries, error queries, and none. The save schema property saves GraphQL schema in the GraphQL file and stores in a git repository. Developers must specify the schema file location. Finally, the developer uses the schema to define GraphQL's abilities. All operations are run through the GraphQL and validated against the schema.

Once a schema is correctly formatted, the drop down menu displaying the resolvers will be available. Resolvers can be configured in the Stack Editor.

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