GraphQL Moving to Neutral, Open-Source Foundation

GraphQL will now have its own foundation: the GraphQL Foundation. Although GraphQL was initially incubated by Facebook, GraphQL is now utilized heavily by a diverse set of companies including major tech giants (e.g. Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify, etc.). Accordingly, it makes sense that the data Query Language move to a neutral, open source home. 
Like many open source projects, the GraphQL Foundation will be hosted by the Linux Foundation. Linux will implement an open governance model similar to many collaborations overseen by Linux. The exact details of the model, and future plans continue to be a work in progress. The current founding members include Airbnb, Apollo, Coursera, Elementl, Facebook, GitHub, Hasura, Prisma, Shopify and Twitter.
The foundation is also working on finalizing a technical board. That board will decide exact GraphQL projects to work on. However, the core projects under consideration include the GraphQL specification, GraphQL.js reference implementation, DataLoader Library, and GraphiQL developer tool. 
Although the legal and operational aspects of transferring GraphQL as a project to the foundation, developers can already contribute at GitHub. Those interested in joining the foundation as a member should visit the foundation site. On the site, you can find FAQs, plans, and sign up for updates through the mailing list

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