Gravity Launches Personalization API

Gravity, focused on personalizing the internet, has launched a new series of free APIs to further its mission. The APIs enable web publishers to recommend content to users in addition to sponsored stories from paying advertisers. Prior to the API offering, Gravity tools provided recommendations based on demographic and interests through widgets and home page personalization. The API should expand Gravity's reach into mobile apps and deeper web adoption.

Amit Kapur, former MySpace COO, founded Gravity with a few former MySpacers. Advertisers, consumers, and publishers have benefited from Gravity's pinpointed personalization software. TechCrunch's Michael Arrington commented on Gravity's precision:

"I saw my own Interest Graph and it's scary-accurate. We'd certainly pay for the ability to use the Gravity personalization technology I saw today at TechCrunch to help target content to users."

The API pulls from Gravity's Interest Graph Engine. Gravity crawls the internet for new content and organizes the content by interest. The Graph Engine then suggests content based on a user's interest profile. Developers can integrate the personalized content suggestion via API. Those interested in the API can apply for access at the contact page.

Personalized content continues to evolve the internet. Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer, has suggested that personalization represents the future of search. Accordingly, technology such as Gravity's Interest Graph could drive a new generation in content delivery.

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