Gravity R&D Recommendation API: See You at the (Right) Movies

The focus of Gravity Rock Solid Recommendations is to help its business clients offer personalized recommendations to their customers. Their clients funnel lots of content, like video streaming sites, dating sites, Groupon imitators, classified sites and ad networks to consumers. The Gravity R&D API uses events to track user interactions. From there they import an item catalog to build user profiles to create the individualized recommendations.

In an overview of the API, Gravity shows how it tracks users through the API, mines Big Data, and offers the code for integrating it. Getting it up ad running on a site is a simple two-step process: get a valid merchant ID from Gravity and then import some recommendation bootstrap code it gives you.

The company has an interesting history, founded by participants in the Netflix contest of 2009 to predict user ratings for films. Although it matched the results of the winning team, they finished 20 minutes later, garnering the second place award. According to Wikipedia, customers currently come from the US, Canada, UK, Russia, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Gravity R&D recommends that sites have at least 1,000 items on offer and 100,000 users to gain optimum use of the system. And wisdom for Gravity, as with people, comes with age. The algorithms make it smarter the longer it has been working with the client's databases of offerings and users.

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