GrazrScript for Feed Mashups

Grazr, the startup focused on making Integration of structured data from multiple sources easy, has just launched GrazrScript 1.0. What is it? Grazr itself is an application development system for feeds and GrazrScript is a programming language for feeds. It is an interesting product with the potential to make a variety of complex mashup development problems a lot simpler.

The company is lead by CEO Adam Green who last week gave me a hands-on demo of the product. One of the things Grazr enables is data mashups without any server-side code and minimal client-side code (no JavaScript, Ajax or CSS tweaking needed). As with most code, it's best shown by example. Here is a mashup search example that I created in a few minutes of coding. It lets you search the ProgrammableWeb blog and mashup feeds via Google and Yahoo, then returns the results in their OPML/ RSS widget.

You can see a variety of other examples of this in their tutorial page.

As more and more data used to build mashups comes in structured forms like RSS, Atom and OPML, it makes sense to use tools that treat these as first-class data types.

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