GreatNonprofits to Launch Bi-Directional API for Access to Charity and Nonprofit Reviews

GreatNonprofits; leading developer of tools that allow people to find, review, and share information about charities and nonprofits; has announced that it will launch a bi-directional API. The API will allow information to flow two directions. Reviewers can submit reviews via the API and third party applications can include reviews within content. Craiglist founder, Craig Newmark, recently invested in GreatNonprofits in hopes that it would become the Yelp of nonprofits.

GreatNonprofits currently holds a database of over 170,000 reviews of nonprofits and the number continues to grow. The nonprofit sector has a specific set of data points to hit and for investors to consider. It makes perfect sense to crowdsource such information from those who have first hand experience with certain entities and the industry as a whole. GreatNonprofits has partnered with Fluxx to develop the API. Fluxx CEO, Jason Ricci, commented:

“What I love about that they’re collecting actual reviews from people in the field who know an organization’s work well—and those reviews are starting to tell stories about that organization’s work.  So from a grant maker’s perspective, they’re not just looking at an organization’s financials to make decisions on whether to fund them, but they’re looking at real reviews from real people.”

Many industries have long begun digging into crowdsourced data to develop a more informed position as new products and services are created. Why not do the same for the nonprofit sector? GreatNonprofits is the largest organization of its kind, and it already has curious third party organizations interested in the API (e.g. Benevity). Keep an eye out for the API release.

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