GreenButton Releases Updated SDK and New Management API Allowing Compute-Intensive Applications to be Scaled Out in the Cloud

GreenButton, a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud, has announced the release of the new and improved GreenButton SDK that includes a brand new REST Management API.

GreenButton Platform

Image Credit: GreenButton

GreenButton is a Platform that makes it possible for compute-intensive applications to be scaled out in the cloud. Examples of such applications include traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, large scale Big Data analytics, and high computational bespoke enterprise workloads. Using the GreenButton platform, large scale, compute intensive applications can be ran in the cloud without the need to invest in a data center or additional infrastructure. At the time of this writing, the GreenButton platform runs on Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 and VMWare vCloud.

Dave Fellows, CTO of GreenButton states for the press release:

"There is a tendency to grossly underestimate the effort involved in developing and commercializing cloud projects. Our goal here is to empower developers and provide a low-risk and minimum effort entry point to leverage cloud computing resources for scale out workloads. This is the easiest way to get Big Compute workloads running on multiple clouds."

The new GreenButton SDK makes it possible for developers to incorporate cloud computing and unlimited scalability to applications simply and quickly. According to GreenButton, the process of integrating the GreenButton SDK and transitioning an application to the cloud usually takes only a few hours. In the press release, Sandy Bugai, Senior Software Engineer at Bentley Systems states that:

"I'd recommend the GreenButton software development kit to developers who have targeted HPC workloads. The API is very easy to use."

The brand new GreenButton Management API included in the SDK is REST based and can be used with any programming language that supports making HTTP requests. The API also supports both JSON and XML data formats.

To find out more about the GreenButton platform visit or view the "Introducing the GreenButton" presentation on Vimeo.

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