Greplin, the Google Search For Your Life Stream, Built on APIs

You probably have a ton of stuff on the Internet, all contained within your "digital life stream", spread across a seemingly unending list of web services and social networks. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to search through all of that, Google style? Enter Greplin, almost certainly named after the Unix grep command, taking the many service inputs and piping them to its search tool.


Greplin indexes your life stream and then offers a simple page to search through all of it. You can additionally, filter your search down to messages, people, Feed items, the list goes on. As of right now, Greplin works with about 17 services ranging from Facebook and Twitter down to Yammer. Greplin even indexes Google contacts and docs.

Greplin 1

Greplin comes in three flavors: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. The difference, aside from the price, is the index sizes. The free version handles 50,000 messages, 2,000 people, 10,000 files and 20,000 streams. This is a pretty good size index for most people. If you have more stuff you need indexed, the next step up is only $4.99 a month.

Greplin is pretty impressive, as is. I look forward to seeing Greplin's service connections expand to blogging services like Tumblr and Posterous. And, as always, an API would be a welcome addition to an indexing service like this. As of right now, they're taking emails for suggestions on what their API should do.

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