Grip Launches AI-Powered Event Matchmaking API

Grip, an Artificial Intelligence-powered event networking solution, has launched an API that allows event applications to integrate with Grip's matchmaking functionality.

The artificial intelligence engine that powers Grip combines social and registration data to define a particular user. The Platform then creates a micro-profile of the user based on user nuances, interests, professional history, and the context of a specific event. Once a profile is built, the platform can pair users with other event attendees and faciliate introductions. As with most artificial intelligence platforms, Grip's matchmaker improves and learns based on each interaction the user attendee engages in. Extending such functionality to third party apps and systems is simple through Grip's use of a standard REST API.

"By launching our API, we have widened the scope of our unique event matchmaking solution so that it can be used via a company's own website or existing digital apps," Grip CEO, Tim Groot, explained. "It provides a seamless and simple solution for companies keen to use our matchmaking engine in the optimum way and who want to integrate it with their existing solutions."

Millions of users have now swiped on Grip's app interface to find users of interest at events across the globe. Now, third party apps can incorporate such functionality. For starters, Grip has partnered with five initial companies: Attendease, ITM Mobile, Loopd, Goomeo, and The launch partners represent event management, indoor event navigation, and event app specialists Integration opportunities.

The API is the same API used by Grip for its own applications. The API allows apps to request matches and post answers (via swipes). Those interested, can apply for access at Grip's API site

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