The GROU.PS API is a Great Way to Stay Connected

Social networks have erupted in popularity in the last 15 years; companies like Myspace and LinkedIn soon became household names. Today, facebook has over 800 million active users and counting. It quickly became clear that social networks could be used for more than connecting with friends; they could connect employees, community groups, and the unemployed with potential employers.

Today, companies like GROU.PS, allow for easy creation of personalized networks that allow anyone to create their own social sites. With the GROU.PS API information from GROU.PS sites can easily be integrated into existing platforms.

The RESTful GROU.PS API returns data formatted in JSON and allows developers to retrieve information from their GROU.PS social site. Examples of data returned are: account information, user information, and network information.

The GROU.PS API is one of 753 social APIs that are listed in the ProgrammableWeb database.

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