GROUPcentric API: Making Apps More Social

There are already millions of apps available that have great content, and there'll be many more to come. GROUPcentric provides a product that aims to add a new and exciting layer in social sharing functionality that allows content to be shared, not only via the large scale Facebook and Twitter options or email and SMS, but an in-application sharing service that makes it possible for users to privately share content with groups of friends that can be accessed on any app. The GROUPcentric API and SDK allow developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


The motivation behind creating GROUPcentric was to address the issue of private sharing, which doesn't seem to happen on large scale social media sites. The folks at GROUPcentric discovered that,

"73% of consumers would be more likely to share if they knew their comments remained private and just for friends. More shares mean more use, retention, and action."

This led the company to create the product that allows users to do this private sharing within the app they are using, providing developers with a feature that would ultimately result in increased user retention for their apps. The Se

Features include:

  • Group creation, allowing users to create, join and leave groups at any time, with no cap on friend or group counts.
  • Location sharing that allows users to see where friends are on a map.
  • The ability to share other apps' content into the user's groups.
  • The ability to invite friends from the user's phone contact list.

Public documentation for the GROUPcentric API and SDK is not available, and developers who wish to make use of the information will need to sign up to gain access to the SDK and keys for their application.

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