The Guardian Launches World Government Data Site

Hot on the heels of the official opening of, now The Guardian has launched its World Government Data website. This site provides a single Portal to government data from the US, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, which can then be rated, compared and linked against applications and mashups that visualize the data.


Editor of, Janine Gibson, had this to say about the new site:

It's great news that governments around the globe have opened up their data vaults to the public. What we've done with the World Government Data Search is to provide a simple, user-friendly gateway to all of those statistics and numbers, so users can search for statistics on crime, health, education, agriculture, defence, the economy and many other topics. We're hoping to add other countries in the future as and when the data becomes available.

Datasets provided by all four countries can be searched simultaneously, and for those looking to integrate the searches into their own applications the results can be returned in JSON or Atom formats by appending .json or .atom after search in the URL. Follow this link for an example JSON search URL, and this link for an example Atom search. The Guardian have indicated in this blog post that a more comprehensive API is on the way (for more, see our new World Government Data API profile).


You can browse the top 10 mashups that make use of the government data, or view a more complete list of mashups here. The Guardian has also provided some additional data sets collated from public domain figures that can be accessed via Google Spreadsheets.

As with the brand new, this notable effort from the Guardian is a welcome addition that should give developers more ways to find useful government data.

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