Guardian Opens App Gallery - From Mobile to Music to Politics

UK newspaper The Guardian wants to show off what's been built on its Open Platform (our Guardian API profile). Yesterday it launched an application gallery to do just that.

Guardian apps

The gallery is split into eight categories, with large screenshots on individual app pages. And it isn't just about the app. The Guardian is crediting the developers wherever possible, with links to blogs and Twitter feeds.

There was considerable interest when the platform launched in March. The gallery shows that interest was realized in mashups by developers. For example, Guardian API Maps lets you search and map the Guardian's API and add location information to articles. You can view recently geocoded articles on a map, and search for articles in specific places too.

Guardian API Maps

The platform contains about 1,000,000 articles as part of the content API, dating back to 1999. Additionally, a data store offers journalist-curated datasets, useful for mashing up to display in new ways.

If you have a Guardian app, be sure to get it listed. And, if you're like us, you'll be following the feed of new apps.

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