Guardly Helps Users Stay Safe, Via API

Guardly is a personal safety service. It instantly connects the user to friends, family and authorities in an emergency. With just one tap of a button on a mobile device, Guardly sends an alert to everyone in a user's safety network. It can even dial 911 automatically in more serious emergencies, while alerting contacts and sharing the user's real time location. And, of course, there is also a Guardly API.

How it works:

  • Emergency contacts get a phone call saying that the user is in an emergency.
  • They are told where the user is.
  • They are told whether or not the user has dialled 911.
  • They are given the option to connect by conference call.
  • Responders receive a link to an emergency response website.
  • Once the alert has been sent, users can communicate directly with their responders.
  • Messages and photos can be exchanged and users can find each other on a map.

The Guardly API is based on REST. Developers can use browsers to access URLs, as well as using any HTTP client, in any programming language, to interact with the API.

The Guardly team says, "We’re currently looking for partners and integrators to work with on innovative projects that leverage the Guardly Platform".

Developers who are interested can apply for the API key on the Guardly website.

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