Guggy API Aims to Add Context to GIFs

In a world bombarded with GIFs, a new smart contextual GIF maker, Guggy, aims to add a little more meaning to the short video loops. Guggy uses natrual language processesing (NLP) to analyze text input; and in turn, finds a GIF to supplement the text in a combined product the company calls a "GIF Message." To better leverage existing messaging platforms (e.g. Telegram, Slack, etc.), Guggy offers an API for developers to integrate the service into third party apps.

As seen above, a complete "GIF Message" is a GIF with an overlain text message that was used to select the GIF. Guggy uses NLP for more than 30 languages. GIFs are generated in less than one second. The API is available across all major platforms, and is completely free to use. When using the service, Guggy will always select a new GIF for each text input.
The API uses standard REST protocol. The createGug method receives the text input and returns a generated GIF. The method will return a GIF without a preview. To use Guggy as a GIF provider, developers can use the preview API. With the preview API, a developer can receive a downsampled GIF version as the user types. Visit the API docs for examples of both options. 
Guggy has already integrated with a number of popular platforms (i.e. Google Chrome, Slack, iMessage, Telegram, Kik, Briefkey, and Facebook). In addition to the API, Guggy offers SDKs for Android, iOS, and JavaScript. For those interested in integrating the API, contact the team at The team will get you started with an API Key

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