Guidebook Launches Open API for Mobile App Platform

Guidebook, Inc. today announced new Integrations and an Open APITrack this API to connect mobile event apps with CRM, event registration, and marketing automation software. The Guidebook Integrations help marketing, sales and event leads eliminate the hassle, errors and overhead of manual data entry to quickly make sense of unstructured event, attendee and engagement data. Now event-driven organizations – especially those in the pharmaceutical, financial services and technology industries – can maximize their investments in existing SaaS technologies to enhance marketing-assisted sales efforts and more effectively communicate with prospects and customers.

The new out-of-the-box Integrations include Salesforce and EventbriteTrack this API, which help organizations without access to a development team to automate tasks and save time when connecting third-party systems to the Guidebook Platform. Also announced today is the Guidebook Open API, which enables development teams to control data flow into and out of Guidebook’s intuitive app builder tool.

“Mobile event apps can be the single most important tool to bring structure and insight to the unstructured happenings of an event – everything from social interactions to responses to a live poll. But too often, organizations lack the resources to efficiently capture and derive meaning from that data,” said Jeff Lewis, CEO, and co-founder of Guidebook. “As companies increasingly look to event data to inform critical marketing and sales decisions, Guidebook Integrations serve as a foundational step to simplify the process and drive consistent, accurate data across the business.”

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