The Guidebox API: All That Content Through Your App

Just when you thought you left the search-for-the-remote problem behind, there's a new search: what service are we watching on? Is it Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus? No, wait... I forget... Unlike those Google and Bing searches that make us smart, these frustrating searches make us feel stupid. Guidebox has a simple solution: it delivers all your services in one spot. If you have Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Go, or Showtime Anytime, you can watch anything on them through Guidebox. The confusing search is over.

The service has long had free episode widgets to allow you to embed episodes on your blog or website. But now with the Guidebox API, you can offer full episode discovery. This allows users can stream or purchase movies or television episodes via the web, iOS or Android. The API is by invitation only during the beta period. An API key and account is required, and returns JSON or XML. In an extra cool twist, the API supports iOS so that users can view on their device or use airplay to watch it on Apple TV.

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