Guild Wars 2 API Drops OAuth2 Support

ArenaNet has announced in the Guild Wars 2 API development forum that the Guild Wars 2 API will no longer support OAuth2 and that an API Key system is taking its place. The company announced the availability of authenticated account APIs (beta) along with an app development contest only a few months ago. According to the post announcing this news, the new API key system will be enabled and new OAuth2 client registration will be disabled on Thursday. On June 4, OAuth2 support will be shut down and authenticated requests must be made using API keys.

About two months ago, ArenaNet announced the addition of OAuth 2.0 support and the availability of Guild Wars 2 API authenticated user account endpoints. An app development contest organized by ArenaNet and Overwolf was also announced at that time. The contest encourages developers to build innovative applications using the Guild Wars 2 API along with the Overwolf API. Developers interested in participating in the contest have until May 15 to sign up and submit their Guild Wars 2 applications.

It is unclear why ArenaNet decided to drop OAuth 2.0 support after only two months. ProgrammableWeb reached out to ArenaNet to find out more about this change to the API. However, there was no response from the company to our inquiry at the time of publication.

So far, the response from developers in the forum is mixed. A number of developers have expressed concerns that the new Authentication system will be difficult for many third-party app users (especially those unfamiliar with API keys) and that the change only creates more hassle and a bad UX. Some developers view the change favorably, mentioning that OAuth 2.0 makes it too easy for a user to grant access to applications and allow app permissions that the user may not understand.

For more information about the Guild Wars 2 API, view the online documentation.

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