Gulp Launcher Automates Install of Node.js Toolchains

James Ward has teamed up with long-time collaborator Bruce Eckel to tackle the issues facing developers in setting up the gulp toolchain as part of Node.js. With lengthy installation times (especially on Windows) and straightforward Documentation difficult to come by, the pair created gulp launcher, which can run gulp with only one download and one command:

$ gulp
Downloading jq 1.3 for x86_64 MAC
Downloading Node 0.10.33 for x86_64 MAC
... npm install output ...
[09:13:25] Using gulpfile ~/projects/gulp-starter/gulpfile.js
[09:13:25] Starting 'default'...
[09:13:25] Finished 'default' after 7.28 μs
Despite its popularity, not every developer has the Node.js toolchain installed on their machine. With common issues around read errors and corrupt files, and different versions requiring different operating systems, this is a welcome aid to developers.

Ward and Eckel are welcoming programmers to try it out, even offering a plug-and-play gulp-starter project to get you going. Be sure to download the latest version of either gulp(for Linux, Mac and Cygwin) or gulp.exe(Windows). The program is so far largely untested, so the pair have asked users to file an issue, should they encounter one.

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