Gumroad Delivers Ecommerce Capabilities to Any Website

In May, PW reported on Gumroad's API that aimed to simplify online transactions. Indeed, the earlier release did move Gumroad towards its goal: "to democratize the ability to sell stuff online." However, Gumroad's latest offer, Platform API, simplifies the online buying process even further. The earlier API required buyers to register for a Gumroad account and required the use of links. The Platform API removes the need for links and buyer accounts. Instead, an entire transaction occurs on the merchant's site.

Platform API brings merchant abilities to any website that integrates with the API. Content creators can concentrate solely on their product/content, yet have built in banking capabilities. Solidifying the API's credibility, "the company has received PCI compliance, which verfifies that credit card transaction companies are secure."

In accordance with Gumroad's ambition to "democratize" the online buying experience, the Platform API was created specifically with small businesses and artistic industries in mind. For example, Girl Talk has fully integrated the API and uses the platform for every transaction. When a visitor clicks "I want this!", the Gumroad interface appears:

Gumroad has already developed strategic partnerships with OnePager and ONErpm to reach its target audience. With the thousands of users these two strategic partners alone are reaching, the Platform API could be a mainstream method of online transactions quickly. For access to the API, register for a login here.

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